To the liberal politician. The poor man should say:

“you label me poor. You say I am helpless. You tell me, your education, your wealth, your social prominence, and your vast intelligence are what I need but will never own.  

You tell me you are willing to be my mother, father, and caretaker. You say you will provide everything I need.  

Well, due to your high IQ and obvious power, I’m embarrassed to have to tell you this. I don’t want any of what you offer.  

This may shock you, but I’m prepared to back it up. I’m happy with my cup of coffee in the morning. I’m happy with my friends and position in society. I’m happy to choose my own way. And what I’m learning about life you will never know. 

I have faith in my God, which I know baffles you. It’s a faith you can’t have, because you rely on all your own strength.  

Close your mouth. Keep your placating to yourself. Don’t bother to think that I don’t know you make a lot of money off of me and my friends. No, I won’t vote for you. I would rather vote for the man or woman who gives me the freedom I need to be the man I am.”      

Inhumane Cruelty

The world is cruel and inhumane.  By the structures of its society it creates incredible need.  So it rakes in money for police, psychologists, psychiatrists, and all manner of medical profession.  It creates all kinds of instruments for dealing with food, clothing, and housing.  Still it makes no headway against the horror it creates.

Then it advertisements remedies for the trouble it causes, showing pictures of saddened and agonized faces.  It is as if they say, “You deserve to feel this way, and we can help you”.

All the while, they make rules and regulations that bar worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Righteous and Holy Son of God stands ready and willing to repair all these insane troubles.  But the world would rather manipulate the broken hearted and elevate their own pride. 

Shame on you!



Division is made between the politics of man, which people say is a necessary evil, and the Holy commands of God.  One sides with this because he says it is expedient, another sides with that for the same reason.  Really?  Is that really the best we can do?

I hear from God that the judgement is coming for just such things.

Shall it be necessary for God to say to anyone of us, “You did not stand apart from them.  You did not warn them.  You did not speak of the murderous things men do”.

All for the sake of the mighty dollar.  You cannot serve both God money.  Didn’t he say this?  Why don’t we believe Him?

As a servant of the Most High God in Christ should I pity man because he does these things?  Should I give men quarter and say, “Oh but it is necessary”?  Or is it right to stand with eternity to proclaim the will of God without fear and without compromise?

I am nothing.  I am no one.  But the living God is God of all!

Government Sponsored Social Services, The Answer?

Emergency Social Services

Emergency Social Services (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is given by the Lord.  Knowledge of what is Right comes from the Lord.  Love (pure love) comes from the Lord.  Prayer (effective and Holy prayer) comes from the Lord.

All the basic needs come from the Lord.  And if a man has all the above three, the extra things (those things which are above basic needs) are directed into the life of the believer at the leadership of the Lord.

Without Him we have nothing but basic needs.  Much like the plants and animals we survive at the basic level of life.  This is where most people find themselves living.  But there is a greater place of life and effectiveness here on earth.

The desire to seek and serve Him comes from The Father of Life.  We are only able to ask for His help.  Absolutely nothing else we can do will satisfy what is unseen and unknown to us in our base form.   Every other teaching (those teachings which ignore the power and singular Righteousness of God) results in a “religion” made by man.  But the Religion of God is a thing which is given.  The Religion of God is an off shoot of the “tree of life” which grows up within the believer.

This is the key to understanding the difference between the “good” actions of man and the Good actions from God within His people.  The world mimics God’s people because they perceive that works are the items which prompt God’s blessing.  They don’t realize that the Works they witness in God’s people are not generated from those people.

All day long the world encourages each other to do the things which are “good”.  But those “good” things fall short of accomplishing eternal value.  For instance:  A worldly man may witness a homeless man asking for money.  Giving him what he asks for is the obvious answer.  Perhaps, however, God has something other in mind.  Considering this, a group of people might institute a social program to provide that “something more”.  But they may or may not hit the mark God has in mind.

This post is something for people to consider.  Man’s answers to perplexing problems rarely (as in once in every 400 years perhaps) accomplish what the Lord desired to do.  With this in mind, you would think folks would ask for the Lord’s help.  But where, then, would pride find a home?  Since humbling ourselves before the Most High God evicts pride and the love of applause, we’re not likely to see a lot of that.

We haven’t seen such action on the part of humanity very much over our history.  In fact, when we do see it, true humility usually only lasts for the generation in which it was begun.  Therefore it is each man’s duty to seek what is truly God’s himself.  Most people will rely on the work of others who have done this humbling activity, thinking that they are doing the work of God.  This is what is meant by “man’s religion”.    Website for Governmental waste in human management.  There is never waste when God is directly involved.Think about it.

English: The Lord Jesus Christ in the image of...

English: The Lord Jesus Christ in the image of Good Shepherd. Early Christian trsdition of symbolism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)