Without Regret!

I cannot know the fullness of the Life that lives within the Holy Power of the Holy Living God.  But I can know in part.

What I perceive is beyond the expectations and dreams of man.  If man says something is worthy, God is more.  If man says an action is righteous, God is more.  If man speaks of a life that is worthy to live, God is more.

I can rest assured that the Living God in Christ Jesus is infinitely more than anything of man.  And I can rest in knowing, with great boldness, that the Living God’s Christ is willing to lift me into His Holy Life.

I may not know the fullness of the Gospel.  But I can proclaim with great confidence the things I have heard.  I cannot “do” the Holy Life my Lord Jesus has done.  But I can do the things He speaks to life in my soul.  For His Holy words are living.  They give and grant life wherever they appear.  If I survey my soul’s proof of “Doing”, and find clarity of conscience before the Living God, then I can rightly surmise that I have known Him.  And doesn’t this “knowing” provoke proclamation?

From this wellspring of holy Life, that beauty He has extended within me, I can proclaim with excellent boldness and fearless determination.  It matters not that I am void of full understanding regarding the things of God.  What matters is that I open my mouth and allow the Holy Spirit of God to use my tongue, and this to the Glory of Jesus the Christ of God!

Glorify the Living God, all you who know of His Good News.  Yield up what rightfully belongs to Him.  Give what belongs to God, even your entire life, body, mind, strength, and soul.  What reasoning should we use to excuse our partial and unwilling service?  What regret belongs to us if we hold back?

There is a day, and a day which is fast approaching, in which we will give full account of the willingness we offer today.  Shall we provide regret in that moment, by refusal to serve Him today?  Shall the eternal soul, which belongs to us, despise the choices we make today?

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if our soul should be able to stand before the Living God’s Holy Son with a fullness of accounting, full of joy, boldness, and surety of accomplishment?  Wouldn’t it be so lovely a moment to hear the words, Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Come.  Enter into the joy of your master.

How is your soul’s stance not your responsibility today?  What excuse stands well before the Living Truth of God?  Regret is a monster of monstrous proportions!  Why would you capture him and try to make him your household pet?  Don’t you know that a “Regret” will surely consume, without mercy, anyone who desires to tame him?  If this is the case with a single regret, what of an entire herd?  They will surely raze your entire house to the ground!



God IS.

Everything that He desires to give to man, IS.

Sorrow “IS” from “waiting”.

Everything that we fail to desire, from the things He is willing to give, remains “waiting”.

And so, the Holy Will of God among men, remains “waiting”.

Who is “waiting” to receive?

Who is busy “waiting”?

The former are a well spring of “Pure rain”.

The latter stop the “Pure rain” from reaching the crop.

His desire withers in the field.

All the while, the withered consider their condition “life”.

Who will fill their container with Living Water that they might water God’s crop?