He gives man a place to do as a man pleases.  

Wickedness thrives and the bloodshed is plentiful; blood of body, blood of soul, blood of mind, heart, and righteous potential.  

But a moment comes.

The soul of every man is required.  

Judgment is made, the man is sent to his proper place; his mouth shut, his hands bound forever.  

Desire and prosper in what you will.  

The Lord has desired and will prosper far above your reach.  

Snatched away in a moment, eternity obeys God’s will.  


Thinking about medicines. How we all wish there was one single pill you could take and everything would be great forever. That pill is called panacea. “The fix all to end all troubles.”  

This week I’ve been stuffed full of antibiotics. So I’ve given a Little thought about a panacea. Surprise! Wouldn’t it be great. But it’s just wishful thinking. There is no such pill. But there is a panacea.  

Everybody gets to take it. And it’s strength is endlessly useful. The funny thing is, no one seems to want to take it. But as soon as they do everything becomes perfectly right. It’s called death.  

At the moment we take it, everything is divided into the places it should be and will be forever. Everything evil goes to the place where everything evil belongs (The wastebasket of eternity). And the righteous are released into eternal glory and joy. It is so powerful that once you take it it can never be undertaken.  

Now that’s a panacea!   Who’s next?

The Tower of Babel

​They gathered together and said, “Come let us build a city that reaches to the heavens so that we can make a name for ourselves”.  But it was not time in the history of man under God to do such a thing.  

We are living in the time when God has released man to do as he pleases.  The language of man is not being confused, it is unifying.

People call all their inventions “good”.  But look, where is God in all of this?  If God alone is good, and he has been stripped of his glory among men, how can this be good?

When the people chase after the things they want and love, once they strip themselves of the bounds of God’s rule, they never go back.  But God’s rule doesn’t change.  His demands and commands are life.  If the people try to avoid him, they curse themselves with death.  It can’t be any different.  And everyone, deep down inside, knows this is true.  “If you love me you will keep my commands.”  The inverse is true: “If you hate me you will despise my commands.”

With all that we have invented, we have become nothing.  Blindly, they think they are creating a paradise.  There is no celebration in the grave.

Common vs Holy

Among the people of this world, Christianity is considered a choice.  “So many choices.  So many variations of Truth.  And if you ask the follower of any religion whether his religion is true, what answer do you expect to get?  I will just pick something because it suits my personality.”

One will be a violent man, because he sees violence everywhere.  One will worship satan, because he has heard that there is power in evil.  One says he believes there is a God, but does nothing to find out what that God desires (That is the man’s religion).  Why should I continue to write about the other myriad of variations?  You know what they are.

And hasn’t God commanded that this is the way it will be.  The blind will remain blind.  The deaf will never hear the Holy nature of God’s Son.  All the generations of men have been this way.  So it will continue to the end.

But what are Christians commanded to do?  Do not be like the world.  Do not offer up appreciation for the foul things the world thinks are beautiful.  Did not say, along with them, “Man is innocent”.  We are to be a separate people to the Holy Living God.

As you look about you, is that what you see?  Who, among God’s people in Christ, will stand up and say no to sin and yes to the Righteous and Holy ways of Jesus?  Who, by their very life, will prove that there is a distinction between Christianity and every other variation of so-called truth?  Is the power of God given through Jesus?  Or is it just a series of words put in the right position at the right time?  If you believe that the others were justified in their selection of what they call truth, it would be good to examine whether you are a Christian.

The Luckey Ones?

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

The godless think they are enroute to their own pleasure.  They neither consider that God sees, nor that he can do anything about them.  Ignorance and willful abandon are their are gods.  And doesn’t their pursuit of pleasure demand slothfulness?  They obey diligence just enough to get what they want, and no more.  Violence, greed and pride are the mantra of their every step.  Hatred and destruction are their prime reasons for life.  “Destroy your enemy, then you can have their goods.  Love others just enough to steal them blind.

These are real life zombies.  They walk about and do, according  to the rules of death.  But they are not useless, these people of self-will.  God is directing them to the path of his people.  He allows them to float about in reserve until he needs them for his purpose.  Then their path is brought to bear down on his people.

Men and women of The Faith come to believe this is true.  Maturity in Christ demands such a perception.  Righteous obedience to the Lord requires that mindset.  The peace God gives his people proves that His Holy will is being done in all things that come to them.  Nothing, nothing in Christ is arbitrary!

Your path moves in a straight line toward eternal life in Christ.  The wicked mill about in their chaotic endeavors.  Where does your path intersect who?   Think about this with all earnest thought.

Happenstance belongs to those who are godless.  Luck belongs to the dead.  Chance belongs to the groping blind.  But to those who believe by The Faith born from God: “You have intended it for evil, but God has intended it for good”.

Gather your holy wits about you and walk with confidence.  If the Living God is your God in Christ, you have no room for doubt.  If that’s not so, then why does James instruct us to say, “If God is willing”?

(Please don’t let these words sit on my blog.  Have the guts to share them with someone.  Let us do as God commands, “Encourage one another in the Holy Faith”.  Look around.  Who else do you know that speaks words like these?  Why should you share trivia only?  Why not share life?  Or are you really ashamed of me, as I have come to suspect you are?)

Test Yourself

Either the gospel is true, completely, or it is not.  The gospel says that Christ has come so that his people may become like him.  That’s either true or it’s false.

You will say to me, “Of course it’s true”.  Then why do I see so many, who claim to be Christians, walking exactly as the world tells them to walk?  Why is it virtually impossible to tell the difference between a Christian and an atheist?  Why do these people  love people yet hate the things of the Living God in Christ?

Each person needs to give account of themselves.  Each person needs to stop and take account of the things they do and say. 

Many will think I am judging them because I have said this.  Judge for yourselves.  Look around and observe.  Do you see people who say they are Christians, acting like ambassadors of Truth?  Then of course, look in the mirror.

Would you like a litmus test?  How do you receive those people who speak about God?  Are their words more precious to you than all other people?  If not, do yourself a favor, ask yourself why.

Either our belief in Christ produces the will of God in us or it does not.

People will take what I’ve said here and do as they please with it.  May it please them to please God.