He gives man a place to do as a man pleases.  

Wickedness thrives and the bloodshed is plentiful; blood of body, blood of soul, blood of mind, heart, and righteous potential.  

But a moment comes.

The soul of every man is required.  

Judgment is made, the man is sent to his proper place; his mouth shut, his hands bound forever.  

Desire and prosper in what you will.  

The Lord has desired and will prosper far above your reach.  

Snatched away in a moment, eternity obeys God’s will.  


Frustrating Epitome 

The words of Christ are so beautiful, perfect and pristine, they rise immeasurably above the things of Man.  

How frustrating to see the beauty and not be able to paint the picture with my life.  

Add to that frustration the compelling urge to share His words in the world that talks about everything but what belongs to God.  

Encourage one another to Leap, while no one can do much more than crawl. Encourage one another to fly, while no one can do much more than look up.  

It takes the Spirit of God to do the things of Christ. It takes the Spirit of God to speak of the things of God. As often as we look at his beautiful face, our lips will betray the frightful (yet willful) silence of Man.  

Frustration will abound, that’s inevitable. Which gives me reason to remember and be in awe at the patience of the Living God.  

In God We Trust

“In God we trust.” I know what that means. You know what that means. Our minds understand the definition. But our lives will prove something greatly less.  

In the history of Man, only Jesus could say it fully; “In God I trust”. Everyone else holds something in reserve to themselves.  

It is because of our living definition (the proof of our choices) that we find so much tragedy in this world. Every single place we reserve the right for judgment, wisdom, righteousness, and doings, we add to the chaos of this world. Everyplace we deny him the right to be our God, we frustrate his desire.    

You want a New Year’s resolution? Improve your intent to trust God. Strive to let Jesus be your master more and more this year.  

It was said that when Jesus knew his time was near he set his face like flint toward Jerusalem. As we employ that same attitude we can refine our definition of trust in the living God.  

May God grant us eyes to see and ears to hear that he may have what rightfully belongs to him.  


To Have, or Not to Have

It is far better to agree with the Holy Lord, than to be able to raise the dead.  It is far better to die of starvation, if that is His will for you, than to be able to make a banquet appear from nowhere.

It is far better to live in isolation and abandoned by every man, then to distort the Gospel and make it say things for the sake of their itchy ears.  It is better to be crucified for the Holy Name of Jesus the Christ of God, than to be loved by every man, woman and child who ever lived.

The Living God will support the one who agrees with his Holy Son.  But the one who desires appreciation from man, will find himself starkly alone.  It is immeasurably better to agree with the Living God, than to have the smallest of desire granted.

“If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.”  Miracles do not provide the willing soul that God desires.  Instead, God is looking for those who will love him regardless what comes.  Isn’t that why he loves his Holy Son so dearly?

By His Grace