Define Profit

To command and audience is to beg greed to come and destroy innocence. Similar to a healthy and contented man devising ways to end his life.  

Compromise will entertain humanity. Accolades will surely follow. Profit will come visit. And what was intended to be best among man quickly turns sour and destructive. It becomes a hint of truth, not the blazing, holy, Life filled words of God.  

I could earn money arranging words. A great many have. All they have to do is throw water on the fire. But what I write is freely given. None of it comes from me. And it is wise to fan the flames, not water them down.  

It would be like a salesman who is sent by a strong merchant to sell wares along the road, and as the people stop and purchase, the salesman puts the profit in his own pocket. When he returns to the one who sent him what reward will he turn over?

The merchant has been generous. He has sold beautiful, expensive, rare, lasting, and precious things to an unworthy and impoverished rabble. How could the salesmen be so greedy? How could the salesman be so stupid? What possible use is he to those he was sent to help? And how will the salesman be received by the one who sent him.  

No. I am of the unworthy and impoverished rabble. Let me receive the things that belong to me. Let me work with my hands, as the example of the Apostle Paul shows us.  

The last thought this:

When I offer the pure things of my Master, the impoverished rabble will pass me by. Even this is profit to my Master. What then, is the payment for the things he offers so freely? And how grotesque to receive money and praise for such work done?


Making Christians

This place is filled with words.  There are virtually no movies.  Pictures are sparse.  Music is virtually non-existent.  All I have is words.

They sit here like gold in the ground.  It’s not that my words are beautiful and holy and Majestic.  But they can certainly lead anyone to that place.

I asked the Lord repeatedly to open the hearts and minds of a certain few.  Today I received a response.  “Let them desire it”.

I can’t make anyone into a Christian.  I can’t give them eternal life.  All I can do, and it is enough, is point the way to the One who is all Good things.  All I can say is, and quite repeatedly, humble yourself before God that you may live.  Life is in His hands.  The choice is in yours.

Desire For Inclusion

If I wrote worthless words

Of shadowed dreams and hopes,

Surely the entire world

Would flock wildly to my door.

If I were a righteous man,

Even as they say- “Is the Pope”.

Surely His people would beg me for more.

But fool that I am I double it down,

I speak a word of heresy among a people who drown;

Hated for who I am,

Despised, ignored to shadows,

Missing that “glorious” gown.

No lovely poetry escapes my lips. 

You want to know the reason why?

Because so very few even try,

So many live as sailless ships;

Like I:

Preferring the darkness of Lies.

Righteous Cadence

Doesn’t language have a lilt?  The damsel in her joy shows it best.

Each according to the place he was born, bears the music of his words.

Every language of Man has a place of musical beauty; the place where his voice like a song.

Each according to the place he was born, bears the music of his words.

Janis Joplin, it was said, had a voice that sounded like many.  But I heard her noise, it was more a noise born of chaos to destruction.  That musical lilt I could do well without.

“His voice was like that of many waters.”  Like the place from which he was born, pure and full of beautiful music.

Undertones of peace and joy are the foundation of every sound.  Truth and purity radiate from his tongue.  The lilt of heaven embracing his commands.

The noise of Man is all we’ve heard.  But wait for the sound of the Lord!  Even if we fail to understand the meaning of his words, we would soon faint and swoon at the sound of his voice.

Glory, Glory, Glory is the Holy Son of the Living God!

Water and Fire

Who can explain with words, those things that come from the Living God’s Holy and Righteous Son Jesus?  Yet haven’t we been given that “perfection” of words among us to testify?  And isn’t the testimony also given, more accurately in our doings?  Thus is the language of Heavenly Things among us and forever.

Water and Fire combine to provide Life.  They are deadly alone.  But with the Holy Wisdom of God, He has prepared a place where they become one.

How can that be explained by the words of man?  How can the mind of man understand these things without God’s revelation to his soul?

He has spoken the Words of Life to Man.  But the doing of those words requires that Man should enter the Fire of war against the flesh.  Water and Fire.  Who can explain it without the “Doing”?

How Sad

All day long the truth lays bare, as the Sun lights the world.  But how pathetic it is to witness how billions live their lives as if there were no truth at all.

Living every moment of everyday with worthless concerns, they pass through this world as if there was no eternity.  Didn’t Jesus weep over Jerusalem for the same reason?

God has not hidden his help.  It is Man who steadfastly refuses to look up and ask.  Oh they will ask when tragedy comes home.  But they want no part of eternity here.

Trillions of things spoken everyday.  Trillions of deeds done without God.  And they marvel when depression comes knocking on the door.

The world is fast asleep!  Look!  The judge is standing at the very door!  Enter Holy Lord and take those things which are rightfully yours.  Let them sleep until they stand before you eternally awake!

Or let them consider!  Let their eyes be opened that they may see what they do!  But when will that happen?