The Currency of Man’s Traditions

Will you enter into heaven by virtue of your own religion?  Will you set your own standard of righteousness and accomplish it, saying to the Holy guard of heaven, “I am a righteous man let me enter”?

Have you been to heaven?  Have you seen the surpassing glory of the creatures there?   Have you understood the nature of their holiness?  Have you understood the Holy commands they have received?

Will you now, you who are so feeble of mind, hold to the traditions of your own?  Or will you seek the unmovable, Holy and pure traditions of eternity?

You cannot spend the currency of Man’s traditions in the store house of God.  In that place, by your own strength, you can be no more than a beggar.  


ATM’s, Modern Idols

I know I’m not a good writer.  And if I can’t write well about simple things, how can I possibly expect to write well about the best of things.  But I’ve given this a reasonable shot (as meager as my tiny mind seems to be).   I can only hope that the reader will think it through for himself.  

Yes, that was an apology.  Have mercy on yourself.  I’m just a gate.  Walk through me and see if what I write about is true.  If it’s not, you’ve wasted no time at all.  You would’ve spent that time investigating something else that’s just as fruitless.  But what if I write about the best of possible worlds? Then if you don’t investigate, you’ve lost absolutely everything.  


Standing in front of an ATM, asking it to have mercy, then expecting it to pump out $400 for you, is rather ridiculous. You’re going to walk away confused and broke.  

There are people who have figured it out: Read the directions. Get a job. Start an account. Deposit your money. Ask the bank for a debit card. Then ask how to use the ATM.   Relatively simple.  I’m sure the bank is eager to help you.  

Isn’t false religion and superstition just that ridiculous, when the Lord’s people are so eager to help anyone learn. Not to mention that the Bible is so easy to understand. The Gospel is preached in every corner of the world. And the Lord Jesus himself promises to guide his people into understanding and profitability.  

But don’t be like those people who read the directions on the ATM alone. If you simply stand in front of the bank, you still can’t get what you want. Success requires continual and faithful work,  a face-to-face encounter, and a live agreement.   

Most people think they will wait to the last minute. Somehow they believe all their sins will be forgiven and they will become glorious creatures. How misguided and sad. There’s a life to be led. There are gifts from God to receive. There is glory to be generated for the Lord of Mercy.  

“Without me you can do nothing.”

The Lord may very well have mercy on deathbed confessions, or awareness instilled by imminent death. But think about all the days that are lost in worthlessness forever. Selfishness may gain you what you want. But it gains the Lord nothing. If your life is not fruitful for God, you have nothing, and are nothing.  

“Many are called but few are chosen.”

Unnecessary Slaughter

The Army brought an impressive and massive array of weapons to the war front.  When they had set them in place, their enemy cowered in awe.

Seeing that they had achieved a ceasefire by their display of superiority, the Army dug deep trenches and gathered themselves within them.  There they pleasured themselves with conversation and delights that they had brought with them.  Less than an eighth of a mile from death, they celebrated, relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company, and fell asleep at nightfall.

During the night the enemy sent out spies out along the front.  The spies took note that the threat was not real.  When they returned and told their commander what they had found.  Then, all hell broke loose against their enemy.

The night was lit up to the eye and ear.  Explosions made the night sky look like daylight.  And the sounds of terror could be heard an eighth of a mile away.  When the dawn broke over the battlefield, all that was left of that impressive array were smoldering heaps of wreckage.

Is this what modern Christianity has done?  Have they brought the massive power of the Living God in Christ to the war of this world, only to huddled in their expensive palaces?  While they should advance without fear, they throw a garden party!  While they should be wielding the Eternal words of God, boldly and defiant against the lies of this place, they enjoy each other’s useless dribble of Chit Chat.

Yes it makes me irate!

Judge for yourselves what is right.


The Lord, The Sovereign Lord, the Source of life, ever-present Righteousness, Glorious mercy and justice.  He has all things, doesn’t he?  He lacks nothing, how true.  That’s what Sovereign means.

But let me speak to the rich man.  Let me speak to the perverted drunk.  Let me speak to the beautiful woman.  Let me speak to the greasy whore.  Let me speak to all those who have a place among Man, whether glorified or horrified; those with clean hands and those whose hands are covered with blood.

God has all things for he is all things.  Yet what he does not have, he has poured out his life to gain.  He does not have your love.  He does not take first place in all your days, though he is first in all eternity.  All creation honors His Holy Name, except here.  His name is Jesus the Christ, look into it.

“You ask too much of us!  You sit in your religious Chapel, carved of pure Ivory, and judge us.  You have forgotten the demands of life that are far more then we can bear.  We cannot put God first we must defend our home!”

Your home?  Your home is a soleless pair of old shoes.  Your home is a worn-out pair of jeans filled with holes, and leaving your buttocks bare.  Your home is an umbrella missing it’s purposed fabric.  Your home is a cave filled with Wolverines and poisonous snakes.   The floor of your home cannot be cleaned!   Why can’t you smell the stench of your household enemy’s feces, which lay in the crags you can’t reach?  Precious place, isn’t it, this place you call your home.  The place where you fear even in what you call solace.  You light a lamp, but still darkness pervades.

8 “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.”  (Micah 6)

He is your potential friend.  He is your potential Guardian.  Already he provides what you call your home. 

Who causes the lava to harden?  Who plants the seed of a tree in its craggy niches?  Who brings the beautiful erosion to cause a paradise?  Who gave you this place?  Who dressed you with skin?  Yet you would fear and keep him far from you?

Trust him and do the things that belong to him.  Then you will have a home that is not filled with stench and death.  Your home provides you no pact with death.

Worthless Parents

Sin is born of chaos and ignorance.  Chaos is the careless mother who dropped her child on the way.  And ignorance is the worthless father who does as he pleases regardless the needs of his children.

Every man is born of these.  But Christ offers adoption into a Holy, righteous, faithful, loving, and eternal family.  Within this family there is opportunity to learn what is true.  Within this family there is forgiveness and grace to accomplish Life.

Are you tired of your sick and worthless old mother?  Are you weary of wondering where your father is?

Chaos and ignorance have nothing to offer anyone.  They simply produce and abandon.  But if you want salvation from worthlessness, cry out to the Living God in the name of Christ Jesus.


From the bravado of a foolish man who thinks he can endure hell, to the pompous nature of the self righteous, who thinks he is something when he is not.  The folly of man’s pride reaches deep.

We did not invent sin.  Sin was in heaven long before we were even created.  And so was righteousness in all its purity.  Righteousness and rebellion go back a long way my friend.  You are nothing new.

Cain was only the first to murder among men.  He was not the first to murder.  So where does that place any other man whose hands are filthy?  And Abel was the first righteous man among men.  He was not the first one who was righteous.  So how can the self-righteous think so highly of themselves with any means to quantify?

By every account man is nothing.  He does not have a patent on wickedness.  And he can have no claim to righteousness.  By every account man is nothing unless it is given to him from above.  Or unless he is inspired, by those who came before, to the rebellion against the Living God.

Where then does pride among men stand?  My friend, you are simply not that important.  At best you can only be used by those who came before, whether for bad or good.

By His Grace