Our Singular Purpose

“From the rising of the Sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” (Psalm 113: 3)

In good times and in bad.  In sickness and in health.  Through riches and poverty.  Through gain and loss.  Till death are we united, The name of the Lord is to be praised.

He has set his way unmovable, he has established from Ancient of Days.  The creatures who were first, and the creatures who are last will encounter the same from the Living God.

There are the multitude who will praise Him; before, now and forever.  To join with them is the promise of the righteous; those who trust in the word of the Lord to the doing of it.

The rebellious will waste away and be no more.  But the living God, and all that is holy, will stand forever.  Praise to the living God in Christ Jesus His Holy Son will remain.  But the wicked will be confounded and lost in their terror.

Let all rise up against me, I will give praise to the Sovereign God through His Holy and Beautiful Son Christ Jesus.

You will do what you do by compulsion, you who despise what is holy.  The taller the Lord’s people stand, the more venomous the hatred of those who hate the Lord.  This also is unmovable in this place of testing.  Why then should we shrink and seek a corner in which we must hide?

Is the Lord hidden in his glorious palace?  Did the Christ of God shirk his calling?  Did he not submit to the Holy will of the Holy One and live?

Is the testimony of the righteous brought to us because they ran to hide from the onslaught of wicked desire?  Have they not lived faithfully for the glory of the Lord who has purchased them and for the testimony which is able to give us strength to testify now?

What will be the saying of those who come after us?  Will they say, “Capitulation has occurred.  The righteous obedience to the living God has been spurned by those who lived that day.”

If there are three who will praise the Lord, regardless their situation, then by all means let it come to be with great exaltation together!  You will not venture to service without me, oh holy brother.  And we will arrive in praise together.

Let our lips praise His name.  Let strength greater than Sampson’s come up on our souls to control the sinful nature.  In word and in deed, let our testimony blaze among men.  Let us fan into flame, blazing flame, the gift of faith and the gift of obedience.  Let a desire to praise Him consume us with holy zeal.

Then a testimony will be written for those who come after.  By this the Lord will provide, even as he has provided for us.  We have an obligation to him.  And in the meeting of this obligation we will have passed down what is ours to give.  We will pass down what is marked indelibly, “GOOD” .

May the name of the Lord be praised for ever!  He is righteous and true, faultless in all his judgment!  Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty; who was, and is, and is to come!

His appearing blazing fire of righteousness will consume his enemies.  And those who put their trust in the holy Son of God will stand firm forever.



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