The day I was born, the day I graduated high school, the days I spent drunk as a youth, the day I accepted Christ Jesus, and every other significant day of my life.

On the days I thought important things happened to me, millions of others experienced their own significant occurrences.  Not a single one of them saw the days I saw.  Yet time moved forward for us all.  The calendar chimed in unison.  But the entirety of humanity saw a richly variegated symphony of experiences.

There is one significant occurrence that should happen to all men.  Every man should be able to say he has accepted Christ Jesus as his Lord.  This is the only common thread we can share for eternity.  How that comes to be is also a richly variegated symphony of experiences.

Now I try to preach about Jesus everywhere I go.  But as I think of the differences with which we all encounter each day, I am struck to remember to let the Lord Jesus speak on his own behalf. 

Who could possibly imagine a single canned gospel delivery for every man?  Each delivery must be tailor-made for the ears that hear it.  What man can possibly do that?

If you plan beforehand what you will say as you testify about Christ, the chances of profitable delivery are significantly diminished.  Bottom line, if we don’t let the Holy Spirit do the will of Christ Jesus in us, we restrict the ears of those who might hear.

Though I cannot condemn the use of gospel tracts, or what is called the Roman Road, it is not wise to dictate what God will say.  Those can only be useful examples.

All the same I suppose it is better to testify than to keep your mouth shut.  Yet to give free rein to God’s lordship over our testimony is best. 

I understand how organized testimonies can help those with a weak faith.  But even as the child grows adept at adult things, I think it is quite possible to overcome fear of delivery.

I have no idea who may benefit from this message.  But I know that the Spirit of God does not dress us in timidity or fear.  True belief in the power of God within us ought to be visible in a boldness, and Godly wisdom. 

While it is true that each of us stands before Christ on our own, it is also true that our opportunity to testify to any one man, may be the slightest of opportunity.  And so we are encouraged to make the most of the situation.

Who can say how God will lead them in any one place.  But let us try to lay aside prepared commercials for the Holy Lord’s testimony.

By His Grace

3 thoughts on “Evangelism

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