Crowd Control

They came in among them, but they did not know the God who gave the Christians their religion. So they practiced the words. They mimicked the faithful; for as their eyes could only see Man, the things of Man they used for their advantage.

They rose to powerful position, still not knowing the God of the Christians. They were just like Simon the magician. They exercised the power of Man’s laws of violence over as many men as they could gather. Imprisonment, torture and death were the tools of their ungodly trade.

They did not see themselves equal to the Pharisees who crucified Christ. No, in their mind they were exempt from the same judgment. They knew nothing of Holy, but they will.

1200 years after the birth of Christianity we can see history tell us what would have come if Simon had gotten his way.

But tattletales and spies are not enough to rule the masses. It is better to teach the children to be politically correct. They will rule their parents. And the devil will have his way.

Do you know the God behind the religion of the faithful? Or are you just a pawn of rulers like them; Control the mind and you have the man?



Now they are saying we should take hotdogs away from our children.  Evidently someone determined they are not efficiently edible.  Why do they waste so much time on useless trivia?  Why do they spend so much money to gain absolutely nothing?

If the sum of life is the body, then all these radical health doers will live forever. But don’t even the healthy die? Doesn’t even the meticulous mouth fail to feed the stomach? Doesn’t even clean blood cease to flow?

Because their eyes are fixed on mud, they think everyone should only see mud. But by his grace and by the testimony of others in the world, I see a much larger picture than a clean and tidy plate.  

Open your eyes, you Dr Sopk-olites. There is a vast amount more to life than the decaying body you wrestle so diligently to preserve.  

What have you to say about the health of the soul?!

“Well, He Did it!”

We live in a world of compromise.  Is that how God’s people should live?

Go ask Ananias and Sapphira.  If you don’t know who these two are, go look it up.

Go ask Achan son of Karmi.
Go ask Cain.
Go ask the Apostle Peter, as he separated himself from the Gentiles.
Go ask Demas.
Ask Jim Bakker.
Ask Jimmy Swaggart.

Billions of people live the life of compromise, and they pay an enormous price.  Billions more have led an equally compromised life, but they were never caught; they lived just inside the rules of social legitimacy.  But even while they have lived, their reward waits for them.

I can force no one to live a pure life in Christ.  But I can certainly warn about the cost of compromise.

An Epic Taking

One by one, they’ve come and taken our babies.  America was a haven for the freedom of God among the people, but only for a little while.  Now, the freedom of God among the people has been reduced to a roaring silence.

It is common place now to ignore those who say such things.  “Ignore him maybe he’ll just go away.”  I have heard of many who have become silent for just such a reason.

But take note of this, life will not allow a vacuum.  If God does not have freedom among the people, I guarantee you I know who does.

I cannot influence a single soul to be bold in Christ.  That will remain a personal choice.  But I am as firm as a steel spike driven into granite, I will not be silent.

One by one, they have come and taken away our babies.  And with the taking God’s  freedom has been taken as well.

Destructive Chemical

I learn something useful from the era of the Vietnam War.  Agent Orange was used to strip all the leaves in the rainforest.  It exposed the enemy within.

Nowadays they use a different agent.  Its color is green.  Its called politically correct.

Agent Orange killed off the usefulness of the rainforest.  Political correctness has denuded humanity of its useful ingredients.

The enemy within has been exposed.  And it’s only a matter of time before the trees are cut down.

By His Grace

Hard Questions

Why don’t we ask each other the hard questions?:  Why are we so timid when it comes to confrontation?  How can the answer be any other than fear?

“If I confront him about this, there’ll be friction.”

Why?  Because of pride.  It lives and breathes within every man with the ferocity of a wild beast.  Wake him and you will certainly incure abuse.

What’s the fix?  Stop coddling each other!  Learn to take it on the chin.  Learn to deliver Life to your brother, regardless the cost.  Learn to listen to wisdom!

The Lord will help you deliver the punching questions with humility.  If they retaliate, you earn the right to say you have been persecuted for Truth’s sake.

Who do you fear the most?  The Living God, or man?

What more needs to be said here?  I’ve asked the hard question.  What’s your response?  I didn’t couch this in “PC”, because I want you to see how strongly bound, in each of us, Pride really is.

Why isn’t humility and a teachable spirit bound more tightly?