Just One

How big and bad does something vile need to be to destroy a righteous Man?  

Like a single ant on a pebble in the Rocky Mountain Range.  

What then is the state of affairs for a wicked man?  

Will you really then continue in your way until you were called to give account of yourself to God? Really, will you let your mind relegate the Judgment to the category called religion (conveniently forgetting and pushing aside the things that matter most)?

If you stand condemned for the things that you have done in the past, why add to it by not listening to Him today?

The judgment of God does not sleep. The gospel does not go silent. And your life continues as you choose to make it.  

The Judgment of God will be like an F-5000 tornado. There will be no place to hide. And there will be nothing left untouched.  

Let those who decide to be vile, continue then to be vile. But let those who can hear, hear with sobriety.  

Expected Usefulness

My left foot works just fine.  

When I want to open the door, mindlessly, I command my hand to turn the knob and the door opens.

If I want to see where I’m going, all I have to do is raise my eyelids.  

Like almost everyone else, I don’t see the miracle of this very often. My body is slave to my mind. There’s no need for pageantry regarding the foot, hand or eyelids.  But let any of these be injured so that they don’t work as they should, you’ll find me quite concerned for the welfare of my body.  

The apostle John said “The true light, coming into the world, that gives light to every man”.

The light. Have we become complacent about righteousness?  Have we begun to treat it like our body?  We take for granted that we know what is right to do.   Where did we get that knowledge?

Complacency quickly evaporates when we realize we have done something stupid and violently broke the laws of God.  

When is it the proper time to fall on our knees and give thanks that God himself has placed righteousness in our minds and hearts?  Without the Lord Jesus we would immediately fall into disrepair (No matter whether you believe in him or not.).

God The Father. Jesus His Righteous Son.  

Faithful, glorious, beautiful, Good, first, last, and every good word.  

Nothing, nothing matters more.  

Those who speak on his behalf are not to be admired. They have done nothing more than is right to expect from every man.  

He moves. And who sees Him do his doings? He sustains His own Holy Name. He causes the dead to praise Him. He causes the unrighteous to love Him. He causes rotted trees to rise and walk.    

He brings Life to be as He desires, and no one gives Him counsel in His Holy work. The dead cannot perceive the life around them.  

None, of this world’s rabble will love His people, whom Himself has raised up. As they hate the Lord’s commands, so they will despise His work among them.  

Let such things be. It has been so from the beginning, it is so now, it will even be so when God gathers all souls together in the valley of judgment. As a man is, so he is sealed at death. So be it.  

Popularity belongs to God alone, but see how Man usurps God’s right to judge importance and honor.   

Love belongs to God alone. See how twisted, dishonorable, and wicked is the tongue of Man to associate every wicked lust with Love.  

Righteousness belongs to God alone. See them praise the work of slaves as if they should rule nations by their charitable deeds. They did their master’s bidding with the wealth of their master. Even their very lives belong to someone else. Why praise a flea for leaving your body?

May your Holy will be done forever, O Blessed and Faithful One! Even the shadows honor You by their rebellious ways.  

By His Grace in Christ Jesus.  


Familiar Words

In just a short while you will not be here on this earth.  Ask any older person, they never thought they would be as old as they are.  Ask them again, they’ll tell you they regret a number of their choices.  Then press them about what’s absolutely going to come.  If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know their soul will go back to the one who made it.  

Newsflash!  You’re going to die.  

Extra! Extra!  It will be done to you as you have believed and done in your life.  

Unspeakably astounding proclamation: God has prepared a way to make your death awesomely joyful!


Most people are going to regret their choices for eternity.  What about you?  Do you know what God has done for his glory in Jesus, his holy and righteous son?   I can’t urge you strongly enough, dig into it before your final day arrives.  

There’s no need for you to be filled with regret for eternity.  God, in Jesus, can make your life righteous and holy.  You do not need to appear before God covered in shame.  Believe the gospel and live!  Ignore the message, and you remain like you are forever.  

A Little Here a Little There

Every once in a while, mama would take me to the five and dime in Salem Oregon. We would walk through, buy a few things, and then she would take me to the tiny restaurant. I always had a hot chocolate. I was too young to remember what she always ordered. I suspect it was coffee. And didn’t she loves her coffee.  
We didn’t go there on Monday. Or any other day during the week. It was always on Saturday. But I remember when that changed. And I remember it made me happy.  

One time we went there on a Sunday! I remember the year when America broke it’s pact with the sacred day. And yes it made me happy.  

It was a small change in the fabric of America. But it was a dynamic change that introduced all these things we see today.  
They didn’t love God enough to even give him a time of rest from all their greedy pleasures. And once they took the small step, seeing he did nothing, they went on to gain more for themselves.  
I grew up despising God’s ways, just like I’d been taught. And I see how ashamed I am of the life I led. But here I am writing about the reason why America is so messed up. My testimony is that God has come to me to love me despite the things I did. And by the end of this writing you will see why that’s important.  
Every time someone turns away from God a little, a little more turning away is coming. I remember the year America turned away a little and I have seen it plummet from there. They are not finished turning away a little more. I wish I had a better word for the people of my own country. But they don’t offer any further truthful choices.  
I don’t want to leave today’s writing as if on a sour note. I want to leave a specific encouragement: return to God and he will return to you. Throw off the teachings of society and return to the things that are good.  
I know the odds. But It is right to say the following. It is not too late for America if they will strive to return to God. And isn’t this a strategic time? I have it on good authority that Donald Trump will be a just president. Justice will be his focus. What an opportune envelope of time for America to reach to the God of justice.  
As a nation we may well be finished. I can’t say I trust my fellow citizens ambitions. But I didn’t write this primarily for the nation. The primary purpose of this writing is every individual who will read it.  
What is the first and greatest commandment? Isn’t it that we should love the Lord our God with all our heart and all our mind and with all our strength and with all our will? Then we will be able to love our brothers properly. 1, 2…… not 2, 1. Get the Commandments in order. Or the chance of anything changing is nihil (A Latin word meaning nothing).  
Don’t just know about him. Come to know him. As long as we are ashamed of him he will be a shamed of us. Brothers and sisters, I assure you that matters.  


I was listening to psalm 24. Afterword I thought, “I should say something about this”. But what do I have to say about anything?

Good or bad, I looked in my mind to see how anything I might say would be received. That didn’t help.  

My mind walked away from testimony with disgust. I saw how people treat the King of Glory. I remember how people treat anyone who will speak about him with a good report. Then I saw what people praise; the strong, the beautiful, the rich, the popular, the amazing, all things Man.  

Standing before the words of God is astounding. Looking back at the filth of Man is heartbreaking.  

No! I’ve said enough.