Similarity of Directions

A sign near Chillicothe Ohio reads, “For outdoor drama stay right“.  Evidently there’s an outdoor theater somewhere near. When I saw the sign, I had to laugh out loud.  I wonder if the signmaker realized what he was making, and just how true those words are.  For in Christianity, everything is outside.  It was begun, … Continue reading

Lessons Begun

Things I have begun to understand in the last three days: Any school boy can understand words, even good words.  But there is a place where good words begin to come alive in a man.  It is the latter which provokes this post. Lowered eyes that cannot be raised, may be a sign of humility.  … Continue reading

Depravity Without End

All men are the same.  Though life is found in billions of variations, at their base, all men are the same. I could point to our need to be loved.  But there are men who do that in a seducing manner already.  They use our need to be loved, as a tool to get what … Continue reading

The Common and the Holy

What’s wrong with the words we use in common speech today?  A great deal is wrong with the words we use in common speech today. American society is no longer built on the Bible’s vocabulary.  It is built on what is common to man, not on what is Holy before God. I don’t point this … Continue reading