Our Singular Purpose

“From the rising of the Sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” (Psalm 113: 3)

In good times and in bad.  In sickness and in health.  Through riches and poverty.  Through gain and loss.  Till death are we united, The name of the Lord is to be praised.

He has set his way unmovable, he has established from Ancient of Days.  The creatures who were first, and the creatures who are last will encounter the same from the Living God.

There are the multitude who will praise Him; before, now and forever.  To join with them is the promise of the righteous; those who trust in the word of the Lord to the doing of it.

The rebellious will waste away and be no more.  But the living God, and all that is holy, will stand forever.  Praise to the living God in Christ Jesus His Holy Son will remain.  But the wicked will be confounded and lost in their terror.

Let all rise up against me, I will give praise to the Sovereign God through His Holy and Beautiful Son Christ Jesus.

You will do what you do by compulsion, you who despise what is holy.  The taller the Lord’s people stand, the more venomous the hatred of those who hate the Lord.  This also is unmovable in this place of testing.  Why then should we shrink and seek a corner in which we must hide?

Is the Lord hidden in his glorious palace?  Did the Christ of God shirk his calling?  Did he not submit to the Holy will of the Holy One and live? 

Is the testimony of the righteous brought to us because they ran to hide from the onslaught of wicked desire?  Have they not lived faithfully for the glory of the Lord who has purchased them and for the testimony which is able to give us strength to testify now?

What will be the saying of those who come after us?  Will they say, “Capitulation has occurred.  The righteous obedience to the living God has been spurned by those who lived that day.”

If there are three who will praise the Lord, regardless their situation, then by all means let it come to be with great exaltation together!  You will not venture to service without me, oh holy brother.  And we will arrive in praise together.

Let our lips praise His name.  Let strength greater than Sampson’s come up on our souls to control the sinful nature.  In word and in deed, let our testimony blaze among men.  Let us fan into flame, blazing flame, the gift of faith and the gift of obedience.  Let a desire to praise Him consume us with holy zeal.

Then a testimony will be written for those who come after.  By this the Lord will provide, even as he has provided for us.  We have an obligation to him.  And in the meeting of this obligation we will have passed down what is ours to give.  We will pass down what is marked indelibly, “GOOD” .

May the name of the Lord be praised for ever!  He is righteous and true, faultless in all his judgment!  Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty; who was, and is, and is to come!

His appearing blazing fire of righteousness will consume his enemies.  And those who put their trust in the holy Son of God will stand firm forever.


A Tender Slide to Hell

A small congregation got together and purchased an outdoor reader board.  It was now the pastor’s duty to assign what would be placed on it.

For the next 5 years, cute and harmless sayings would appear on the sign.  The people of the community were pleased that this church did not offend them.  But the membership of the church did not increase either.

About 6 miles away another congregation was able to purchase an outdoor reader board.  The congregation left it up to the pastor as to what would appear on the sign. 

For the next 5 years the public witnessed messages regarding the condemnation of God to all that is wicked.  Though the public was a bit displeased by the messages, the number of those who attended steadily grew.

Spurgeon, Wickliffe, Graham, Moody, Wesley,  Fox, Bunyan,  Luther, and thousands more.  What did they preach?  How might they have used the little reader board?

As we write what we do, let us consider the impact.  If we write to please the public, they will be pleased.  But to what end?

I once looked into having a company make a website for my blog.  One of the key opportunities he offered was a system that would keep track of what people looked at and read.  He told me that if this were in place I could tailor make my messages to match what the people wanted to hear.  He tried to convince me that this would increase my readership.  I told him if I cared about that, I would not write at all.

So many cute little pictures with tiny sweet messages.  So many honey coated words.  So very many palatable and tender thoughts.  All the while the world plunges on a tender slide toward hell.

If we write to please them why bother to write at all?  But on second thought, maybe that’s all that’s in the writer’s hearts.  The offense of Christ Jesus is a forgotten truth.

..How many excellent opportunities are passed over for the sake of pleasure? 

..How many times will the church assume humanity wants to obey God? 

..How many times is sin let in the door of the congregation and embraced as if a friend? 

..How are many churches any different then social clubs? 

..Where is the fear of God? 

..Where is the message of hell?

.. Whatever happened to the word “repent”?

By His Grace

Come Dine With God



Spilled out, without reserve, is the Holy Blood of Christ.

Dressed in Holy will; clothed with endless Mercy.

Gentle, meek, humble of heart and full of Holy intent to save.


What sin have you, which forces itself into your sweetest of dreams?

It can be covered by His Holy Love.

What desire do you have that can’t be mended?


Come from far, wide, and near.

Come and dine with the Holy One.

Rise up on your shaky legs and stagger t’ward home.


He made you.  He knows you.  He loves you, as if from afar.

Yet your guilty days are spent within His Holy Body.

For, “In Him we live and move and have our being”.


He has seen you.

Can you see Him?

Look with faith to the things past; those horrible things done, on that day, to the Holy Son of God.


He endured without fault.

For your sake He performed the Holy will of His Father.

“It is finished!”


Come, sit at the table to receive.

Come dine with the Holy One of God.

He will wash you by the Holy Blood of His covenant of promise.


You need not suffer any longer.

No sin is too great; His Holy love is greater.

Come taste and see that the Lord is Good.

Humility Wins, Hands Down

The humble man in Christ Jesus may suffer a great deal of loss.

But the proud man, who fends for himself, suffers no loss at all.

The true Christian will be compensated beyond his wildest imagination.

But the godless man will die with the things which now protect him.

Define loss and gain, as you perceive them.  Consider what is written above.  Then redefine loss and gain.

When you have read this far you have lost that much more time.  How much more time will you squander, o’ godless man of self?  The door to your life has closed a fraction more as you read these words, which you are likely to dismiss.

Dear Christian brothers and sisters:

Entice loss to come up on you, even as our spiritual siblings before, enticed the wild beasts.  Let the glory of our Lord Christ Jesus excel!  He will certainly not withhold his hand from reward.

We suffer but a little while.  Then the glory of the Living God explodes upon our soul, and it will never recede.  How insignificant this time will become; as we have willingly suffered for his Great and Majestic Glory.

While you, godless men
and women,  continue in your willing blindness.  The Holy Lord stands ready to give you eyes to see, a mind to understand, and a heart that is willing to obey.  But you will have none of it.

Each man decides for himself.  Will he humble himself and pray, and seek the Lord’s Holy Face, and read his Holy words, and strive with all his mind, strength and soul to learn?  Or will he count all these blessed words as if they are less than trash?

15 “And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24)

Shake the trees with your great in majestic strength, O’ Living God in Christ!  Send your righteousness upon all men.  Inspect them, Father in Heaven,
even as they live dead among the dead.  Rise up and judge your enemy.  Bring a close to this great place of testing. 

Let the righteous remain
righteous.  Let the wicked remain wicked.  Let all who seek Your mercy find it in vast abundance.  But let all who hate you now be put to utter shame on that great day when you stand to judge the world.

In Christ Jesus, the Holy Son of God, amen.

By His Grace


The blind and godless reach into their filthy bag of filthy riches.  Their filthy godless hands give gifts to men to promote a filthy love for their filthy godless ways. 

They do not allow their filthy hearts to love the Sovereign God and His Holy Son.  Nor will they put up with any who love the Holy Lord of life.  They entice with the filthy things of this world, and provoke with the power of death and loss.

“If you love God you have no part with us!”  Thus they scream by their doing.  And their will, their filthy will, is done.

They make laws, with their filthy form of love, to exclude the true love of God among men.  If there is limit to their ingenuity, it is for the sake of social prominence.  They are sons of their father, in whom there is no truth.

The weak and the blind submit without question.  They have been given gifts and favored by those who can destroy them.  An unholy and filthy love is exchanged.

“Expose her filthy ways, my people, my loved ones.  Let them not triumph without resistance!  Stand and be counted among the righteous who uphold my Father’s Holy Name. 

Come to me and gain those things which will never be lost.  I will teach you how to be strong.  Oppose the filthy ways of filthy love.”

By His Grace

She Never Told Me

I don’t like to write long posts.  With the flavor of society today, very few will read if they see a lot of words.  But it can’t be helped.  What I’m about to write is worth a volume as thick as “War and Peace”.

My mother was born to a wealthy family in New England.  She met a young cavalry man when she was 11 or 12.  One night the ladder went up, and she was gone.  They had eloped without a word. 

She never told me what happened afterward.  Surely there was a phone call or a letter.  But she never spoke of it.

I remember hearing once that her father disowned her.  His heart was broken.  His dreams of family crushed.  No grand babies to laugh with and hold.  No more smiles regarding his beautiful daughter.  But she never spoke of this.

The couple moved from state to state, rarely staying in one place for more than 6 months or a year.  By the time I was 7 years old we had moved from Rochester New York to Salem Oregon, living in almost every state between.

The majority of those seven years was spent in the backseat of a car.  But she never told me why.  She never apologize for the childhood that did not come.  And I don’t know why.

Her gallant young cavalry man turned out to be a vicious incestual Lord.  Drunk as often as he could be, he squandered his life in brutality.   The three daughters he had, knew him as far more than daddy.

The oldest one moved away and became a prostitute.  (She is long dead now, so I don’t mind telling you.)  The other two daughters married Canadians and moved away from the house as quickly as possible.

Her oldest son disowned her, because she was not a Jehovah’s Witness.  The other two daughters followed suit.  As soon as I could, I joined the airforce at 17, just to get away from the stench of our life.  Only my youngest brother remained.

The brutal man who gave us birth, developed an affection for a woman in the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  When I was 12 my parents were divorced.

As a family, we lost it all.  And she never told me why.

I remember, in the days just after the divorce, a song came out regarding the dreams of an everyday housewife.  I remember her saying clearly, “I hate that song!”   But she never told me why.

She died in a nursing home, abandoned and alone.  The excitement of the ladder had turned to an entire life of horror.  And she never once told me why.

Had someone warned her of what was due to come she would not have believed them.  She would have laughed in their face with that little girl smile. 

Ripped from her family, by the lust of a girl, she encountered the beginnings of a horrible end.  But she never spoke of that moment.

By the time before she fell ill, she had married five other men.  I hated to call home, because I didn’t know who daddy might be.  And she never told me why.

Without knowing why, I mimicked her life.  Without planning, I followed her every step.  Women and drinking, drugs, willful abandon, and the life of poverty, belonged to me.  And she never told me why.

I do not write this to shame my mother.  All told, she was a good woman.  When I look back, and dismiss the difficult things,  what I find is an exemplary human being.  She did the very best she could with what she had.  But she never told me why we lacked so much.

I write this because I know there are so many out there who have done the same things.  Have you told your children why?

As I raised my family, sanity appeared.  One day I woke and vowed to break the chains.  I told my children of my own foolish ways.  I had found Christ Jesus, and truth began to flow.

What has happened as a result of my own foolish ways is yet to be told when I am dead.  I would tell you the result of my life of sin.  But I have caused enough suffering.  Why put it in writing and tear at the hearts more?

Have you told your children why? 

By His Grace

What’s Important?



Since I was a young man I always wanted the nice truck.  An F150 King Ranch, in my mind they don’t make better.  Fancy, shmancy, fun to drive, loaded with leather and luxury.  4 wheel drive and a great big v8.  White with a beige lower trim.  Sunroof, power back window, power everything, even power ego!

Well I finally got a 2007 King Ranch.  Its got a little rust and a few minor problems, but it’s what I’ve wanted for decades. 

You know what’s funny?  It doesn’t mean anything more to me then an old rusty Econoline van I used to have.  I used to put a cable across the inside back doors just to hold the body together.  My dream of this world is no more than my nightmare.

If it had been a 2015 F150 King Ranch, it would have taken the same place in my priorities.  (Though I woulda been in debt four fifty years.) What consumes my dreams and my desires does not belong to this world.

I dream of being righteous before God.  I dream of hearing, “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.  I dream of laughing and singing praise to Him forever.  I crave His loving kindness.  I want his will to be done more than my very life.

Have what you will, you people of the world.  Revel in your glories, for they will pass quickly.  I desire the living God in Christ Jesus.  And this to my pleasant surprise.

May your will be done forever Holy One!  You have consumed me, for you made me.  I crave you because you placed yourself within me.  You have diminished the glory of this world to smoldering embers in an ash heap.

Salvation belongs to our God and to the Lamb!  So the Life lives within me!  Praise God in Christ Jesus forever!

By His Grace

Don’t Stop!

40 “And a leper came to him, imploring him, and kneeling said to him, ‘If you will, you can make me clean.’ 41 Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him, ‘I will; be clean.'” (Mark 1)

Man has a problem.  He kneals before Jesus.   He asks if God is willing to help him.  The answer comes: “I am willing”, and healing appears.

.The unjust judge. 

.The neighbor in bed. 

.”Do not worry little flock.  Your heavenly father knows you need these things.”

.”Jesus had pity on them.”

How many times do we read that God is willing?  How many times do we ask?  Still healing does not come.  Still suffering attends our everyday.  Still we ask.  Yet we do not see the hand of God move.

Shall we give up?  Shall we conclude that the power of God is not among us?  Shall we stop being Christians?  Shall we leave “The Faith”, and turn to empty religious worship?

Perhaps instead of asking for healing we got to ask to be taught how to ask.  And if still no healing comes, nor understanding to ask, perhaps it is our lot to endure.  Then let us ask for endurance!

In all things God is good!  Believe this, and you move from death to life.  Just don’t stop asking!  Just don’t stop believing!

I have come to refer to this world as a place of testing.  This is true.  God will test every heart that lives. Therefore allow yourself to be tested and approved; that you may bring glory to the Holy One.

By His Grace