Willoughby Wallaby

A poem for my grandson Danny.

Willoughby, Wallaby, Sneaker, and Snore, cast off in two boats t’ward an elegant Shore.

Leaving behind their frail  hopes and weak dreams; risking it all to pursue The Great Scheme.

Willoughby Wallaby soon took the lead, flexing their muscles like white stallion steeds.

Sneaker and Snore barely took up their oar, considering labor a venomous bore.

Said Sneaker, “This work is is to hard for us two.  Let us hitch to your stern.  What say Double U?”

But word was sent back with a scowl and a snort, “Row as you can!  We’ve no time for your sort.”

Soon came a Breeze, gainst their bows, to drive back.  But Willoughby, Wallaby gave work no slack.

Sneaker and Snore soon rested their oar.  And let the breeze blow them straight back to their shore.

Back to their poverty.  Back to the stench.  Elegance not being worth muscles wrenched.

While Willoughby, Wallaby soon came in sight, of an elegant castle perched high on cliffs white.

A rope was found dangling on which they could climb.  Their great oar born muscles began t’ward sublime.

Reaching the summit, they were welcomed with good, and welcomed into their fine brotherhood.

The moral is sure to escape none who read:  You get what you pay for; you reap from your seed.

By His Grace

How convenient

You made fairy tales for the children to believe.  Fairy tales.  They are fairy tales, sir. Lies, if you will.

You convince them of the beauty of riches, elegance, princes and princesses, and happily ever afters.

Then when the crop of children grows old enough to harvest, that is to say when they can get money from their parents, you entice them to give you the money by offering them toys from the fairy tales.

How utterly convenient.  Who’s bright entrepreneurial idea was this? 

Is there some way to justify this?  Is there some preventive means to avoid accusation?  Have you retained a lawyer in heaven to litigate for you before the Most High God?

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  And, “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

You teach them about Santa Claus.  But you reject the living God in Christ Jesus.  You teach them about witches but you never mention the Holy Spirit.  You teach them about war but you do not teach them about the peace of God.

I bring this subject to the table.  But I am not able  or willing to condemn you.  You taught me well when I was a child.  And so I taught my children.

But God will defend that which is his.  Woe to those to make a profit on innocence.

By His Grace


“What makes you happy what do you want to do?”  I have no idea how many hundreds of times that’s been asked of me.

I’ve tried a few times to answer with what’s true.  But that’s not the expected reply.  I assume the questioner thinks I am either arrogant, evasive, a complete social misfit, or just playing stupid.

I. want.  one.   thing!

I want to stop being in trouble!

I say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Or I don’t speak up when I should.

I’m too overbearing, they say.  I’m too much of a pushover, leaving far too much on the table.

I leave my pen in my pocket when I do her laundry.  So I get in trouble when I try to do something right.

I am completely satisfied to eat a cold can of beans.  So why do people keep asking me what I want for dinner?

No, I don’t want to go out dancing.  Dancing requires a certain measure of joy.  I don’t have it!

On and on the list goes.  Apparently, a never-ending separation from humanity.  And other than the moments of lucid desire for friendship, I’m perfectly happy to remain this way.

What makes me happy?  Let me give the answer that is never understood.  I want to go home.

I want to have the peace of God on me 24 /7.  I want to understand his will so well that I do it without the slightest hesitation, and correctly.  Something I have yet to come close to attaining.

I want to overcome sin in every respect.  That would make me exceedingly happy.  I want to know just what to say to everyone I meet, so that all my speech is seasoned with salt.  That would make me happy.

Am I really such an anomaly?  Is there anyone else out there who feels the same?

I understand why they don’t understand.  I got it.  Let them live as they do.  They will receive no condemnation from me.  May the holy Lord Jesus happily embrace them on that great and horrible day.

All the while I will be, in some measure, unhappy.  I am not who I want to be.  I am not where I want to be.  And this world offers nothing to change my mind.

By His Grace

Freshly Pressed?

I thumb through “Freshly Pressed”, to see if someone speaks something of value.  All I find are short articles regarding the things of men.  I didn’t stay long there’s nothing on the table to eat.

Some would call me stuck up, arrogant and self-righteous.  To think that I consider what I write to be of more value than theirs.

Okay that’s fine.  Let’s hold up every word they speak against every word the Angels speak.  What’s missing?  Jesus, the Christ of God.

Now who’s train of conversation will last longer, the eternal angels or man who lives but a few years?  Whose words are full of holiness and whose are full of rott gut thoughts?  Whose is the language that will last forever?  Whose string of words will change within an hour?  Who gives glory to God?  Who gives glory to man?  Decide for yourself.

Do you really expect that I should love the things of men more than the things of God?  You would call me names because I do not appreciate what you write.  It was such people who treated the Holy Lord of life like human trash, when he was nailed to the cross.

Write what you will.
You will answer him still.
Account will be given in full.

Accuse has you must.
Ostracize in disgust.
He reigns from His Holy Hill.

By His Grace

Take Back the Land of Hope

“Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.” (Revelation 2:5)

Can you remember?  Can you allow yourself to look back?

Look back to the first time you felt the freedom of a clean conscience.  The time when you decided to take that leap of faith for the invisible God in Christ Jesus.  Simply find the time to remember.

You would have given your very life without the slightest sliver of shame or regret.  In fact, you shoved away many things you held dear for the sake of His Holy Name.   If the world would have let you, you would have held a press conference.  And in your heart you proposed to abandon every wicked relationship.

But three things have happened to you since that moment.  The desire for pleasure has crept in, largely with your blatant consent.

The shame of being different and unaccepted has left scars on your weak heart.  So, little by little, you have compromised.

The diligence of work toward holiness has been diluted by a listless, “do nothing” attitude.  Procrastination began its work in reading the Bible.  Like a toxic mold it spread to your prayer life. 

Primarily, these three things have left you vulnerable  to that scripture above.  Are you satisfied with your loss?  Is your present “best” acceptable in your estimation?  Are you sure the old person you will soon be will have no regrets about your choices to date?

All that is needed is to rekindle what you have lost.

By His Grace

He Needs Your Help

The promise of God, it’s  deep and it’s sure;
Lasting forever and ever.

To forfeit our standing for smallest of pleasure,
What horrible loss do we suffer.

The power of prayer is cut to the quick.
Our confidence: shattered in place.

All for the sake of a runaway smile;
On a downcast and darkened face.

Our Lord for the sake of the joy set before him,
Endured the cross, scorning its shame.

While man, for the sake of a joy set before him,
Disgraces His Holy Great Name.

Who can speak of reward such behavior does strip?
Who has understood what’s ahead?

The echoes of promise lay shattered and torn,
While our heart is filled up with regret.

Isn’t there something to which you can reach,
Inciting a love for your God?

Avoiding the places that rip you away;
Restraining your feet from the “broad”.

There’s a man who will stand on that Great Holy Day,
And his standing depends on you.

The choices you make for that hope far away,
He’s depending on what you now do.

By His Grace


The threshold necessary to win a race depends on the endeavor of all participants.  If all the contestants only render 70 percent of their potential, then the effort necessary to win is 71%. 

But what shall we do if it is necessary for all contestants to render 100% whether they win or lose?  In short to win or die trying.

Isn’t this the nature of the gospel?  Isn’t this the necessity of the sacrifice of Christ?  Every contestant is required to obey the holy law of God the Father 100%.  Regardless their ability, the demand is perfection.  Regardless their willingness to give all, the demand is 100 percent.

Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus for the inexpressible goodness of His mercy.

By His Grace

The Invisible Bridge

I have found something interesting, something I have known, but not fully understood.  The elders talk about it.  The Deacons point toward it.  The world denies it with frothing lips.  It remains, however, before every child of God to encounter.

The majority of our walk before Christ Jesus is spent in discovery.  We cannot use excuse, before the Holy One, for our disobedience.  Yet there are reasons why we falter as we do.  Discovering these reasons comes hand in hand with growth toward maturity.

We learn not to blame anyone for our fault.  Yet we recognize that the whole of humanity has caused every sin.  And in this way, the Lord Jesus teaches us to sacrifice blame for personal responsibility.

But what shall a man do when he understands this as fully as his mind is able?  What shall we do when a man finds himself repeating offenses yet finds no one but himself to blame?

Here a man comes face to face with the fullness of the gospel.  No longer perceiving as a child.  Now he perceives as a man.  The fullness of blame rests on the one who has sinned, rests heavily.

From here one can receive the forgiveness of Christ with renewed interest.  From here the glory of God takes a prominence in all his thoughts.  The man no longer tosses about the subject of blame or innocence.  Condemnation becomes exceedingly personal.  Here the glory of God rages even brighter to consume his enemies.  Here the glory of God’s mercy blazes even brighter within the flame.

I have come to discover: the Glory of Christ Jesus is stronger than our sins.  Not only in his teaching, but more so in our learning.

If you continue in the way you will discover this also.  It is the crossing of an invisible bridge.  And I speak of it so that when you yourself encounter this, there will be memory within you.

It is a difficult place to encounter.  For here a man is starkly naked before the Holy One.  But having reached the other side of the bridge I can testify, “Even in this he is able to save”.

It may well be you do not understand what I’m saying.  But the time for every man will appear.  I will try it with one example to express this in understandable terms.

As a man goes to a school of learning, he learns enough to do his trade.  But he has yet to enter the workforce and apply it.  Often the world will scoff at the little bookworm who seems to know all. 

But one day he goes to work and understands why they laughed.  He presupposed his importance.  And difficulties have proved his knowledge insufficient.

Now he grapples with humility.  Now he is faced to join them in their derision of the novice.  Yet even while he makes fun of pretense, he is forced to remember that he once also walked in that way.

What comes from this place I do not know.  It is not as though these things happen among men.  But this has come to me before the Holy One in all its brilliance.  Stark and true, it shines a light within my soul to illuminate every possible miscarriage of righteousness.

May understanding come in due time.  I enter into this place in full view of those who have gone before me.  And I speak of this with the humility that knows others have understood this long before I arrived.  And I have to confess the question, “Do I yet understand as I should?

By His Grace