Willoughby Wallaby

A poem for my grandson Danny.

Willoughby, Wallaby, Sneaker, and Snore, cast off in two boats t’ward an elegant Shore.

Leaving behind their frail  hopes and weak dreams; risking it all to pursue The Great Scheme.

Willoughby Wallaby soon took the lead, flexing their muscles like white stallion steeds.

Sneaker and Snore barely took up their oar, considering labor a venomous bore.

Said Sneaker, “This work is is to hard for us two.  Let us hitch to your stern.  What say Double U?”

But word was sent back with a scowl and a snort, “Row as you can!  We’ve no time for your sort.”

Soon came a Breeze, gainst their bows, to drive back.  But Willoughby, Wallaby gave work no slack.

Sneaker and Snore soon rested their oar.  And let the breeze blow them straight back to their shore.

Back to their poverty.  Back to the stench.  Elegance not being worth muscles wrenched.

While Willoughby, Wallaby soon came in sight, of an elegant castle perched high on cliffs white.

A rope was found dangling on which they could climb.  Their great oar born muscles began t’ward sublime.

Reaching the summit, they were welcomed with good, and welcomed into their fine brotherhood.

The moral is sure to escape none who read:  You get what you pay for; you reap from your seed.

By His Grace

Always On Display

Everyday I see you.  Yes you are noticed.  Even in the night, with the doors locked and the windows shaded over, you are being watched. 

Every breath and heartbeat is counted, up to its leveling sum; that day when they add up to ceasing.  That day you cannot predict, as you now do your public behavior.

Most of the time you are like a woman dressed in finery, posing for a painting, with a delicate and entrancing smile.  Those who see you gasp with joy at the beauty you represent.  But I have seen you when you think no one is watching.

Then, you are like a ravenous lion; unrestrainable drewl escaping, wild eyed, and hungry to violence for what you desire. 

Then, your entrancing beauty is obscured by your greed.  Your beautiful habits, disheveled by illicit craving.

Yes you have been noticed, as is your compelling want.  Yes you have been seen, but not as you expect.  You rehearsed vigorously but it did you no good.  For every man owns moments of vulnerable appearance.

You disturbed the air with movements unlawful.  You spoke with voiceless words of filthy attitude.  You reached with wide eyed greed to grasp what was not yours.  You gave no thought to prying eyes.

Nothing we do or are is hidden from the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.  For in Him we live and move and have our being.

By His Grace

Hate the Lesson, But Love the Teacher

Owning a love for God is a result of practise.   And this practise does not practice in mediocrity.  For no sooner does a mediocre practice, produce a “love”, and sin wipes it away.

Love him more than you love all other things.  The other side of the coin, which shows our beginning, says it the same: hate him less than you hate your brother; hate him less than you hate yourself.

A child may love the teacher until he is forced to learn what he does not want to learn.  Then a measure of hatred sprouts up.  With diligence and humility, the child overcomes and continues to learn.  But let him believe his own mind, and he will remain where sin entered in.

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14: 26)

By diligence we practice toward a love for God.  If a man is diligent, he will find himself learning to love the Living God in Christ Jesus.  Mediocrity is an envelope containing hatred.

10 “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” (1 John 4)

By His Grace

Reading the Bible Cannot Save You

Living a life provided by us, can only lead to an eternity provided by us. “Unless the Lord builds the house the builder builds in vain.”


“Salvation belongs to our God and to the lamb!”  This will be the song sung by those who arrive in heaven, dressed for eternity.  It will not be sung by those who think they can save themselves.  No work of man can produce the attire necessary to stand before the Living God.  Simple logic brings us to this conclusion.

As an aside: I met a man who told me he had no time for Jesus.  He said he would take his chances in the Judgment Day.  I will give the man this, at least he was being honest with his folly.

The power of God alone can turn a man from fool to wise.  Those who live in truth before the Holy Lord, will cannot lie.  It is impossible to stand before Him and do anything other than tell the truth.  The perfection of God demands it.  How then can the man who trusts in his own strength sing that song?

I do not write this article to make fun of people.  I write this article that everyone may understand.  From the simple to the great, salvation is extended freely.  Yet only those who humble themselves before the Living God, will find it.

39  “You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life.  These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, 40 yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” (John 5)

No righteousness belongs to man.  If a man is able to memorize the entire Bible, it does not save him.  God does not take pride in such a child.  God in his excellent wisdom has reserved His Holy Son alone, that men may be saved.  The song does not say, “Salvation belongs to those who have saved themselves”.

When the Lord Jesus was with his disciples on the mountain, and was transformed before their very eyes, the Holy Father spoke.  Of all the myriad of things the Holy Father could have said, what did he say?  “. . .This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”  (Matthew 17:5)

God did not say,  “Read the Bible and do what it says”.  The Bible is a written and concrete evidence of the covenant of God toward man.  But the Living God, and His strength to save is, found exclusively in his Living, Righteous and Holy Son.

Pride comes when man thinks he owns anything by his own strength.  But salvation comes when all the man has belongs to God. 

If anything is not of God it will not endure the Judgment Day.  Eternity is Holy.  Nothing will ever be in it but that which is God.

There will be no pride in heaven.  There should be no pride among us here.  If a man thinks he is something, he deceives himself and does not understand the truth.

Reading the Bible, alone, cannot save you.  It is necessary that every man should humble himself before the Living God, and receive the power of his Holy Son’s sacrifice and eternal Kingship.

Find a man who knows the Bible through and through, yet does not commune with the Living God in Christ Jesus, and you will find a man who is full (to overflowing) with pride and false humility.  But living in vibrant fellowship with the Living God’s Holy Son, produces humility, by crushing the pride in which a man trusts.

If still you need proof, read the Holy Law that God gave to his people through Moses.  Now for 24 hours, do that law.  You will find yourself falling short within an half hour.

Those who think they can save themselves by memorizing and understanding the Bible, are like those who live by the law.  Not one man can obey it completely.  And every man who tries will die.  Remember what the Apostle Paul said.  “Those who depend on obeying the Law live under a curse. For the scripture says, ‘Whoever does not always obey everything that is written in the book of the Law is under God’s curse!’” (Galatians 3: 10)

May the Living God grant understanding.

By His Grace

Losing the War

I have made complaint, over and over, as to how the world is plummeting to destruction.  I have said, over and over, it is because they denied the truth of the living God among them.  But this morning, understanding comes, as to the mechanics of this plummeting to destruction.

No doubt this subject requires a rather lengthy book.  But I am forced by the willing restraint of the reader to keep it short.  Keeping it short however, will mean a loss of important trains of thought.  So I will leave it to the reader to fill in the blanks.


I do as my daddy taught me.  His teaching is like a shadow lurking in my mind.  I listened to him speak.  I watched him act.  I gathered the trains of thought in his mind and made them my own.  So also, was the influence of my mother. 

To some extent, their example remains within me.  No matter how I try to shake it with the truth of God, I cannot completely undo their influence.

This is true of every man and woman.  The better the example of truth, the more readily truth is received when we mature. 

But let us now look to the larger scale of things.  Adam and Eve could have told us what perfection was like.  Not so our parents.  And if the destruction of truth was made apparent in Cain, their son, how much more so is it today?

On and on, through the generations to now, the truth has been obscured and forsaken.  If perfection was squandered within one generation how much more so now?

The miracle of change is not the destruction of society.  (The constant pulling away from what is real) The miracle is that truth even remains at all.   The miracle is that the human race is not destroyed already.

What has prevented complete and catastrophic failure in humanity?  The power of God has restrained destruction among us.  As it is written, “Unless the LORD Almighty had left us some survivors, we would have become like Sodom, we would have been like Gomorrah.” (Isaiah 1:9)

The world speaks of truth as it applies to society at the moment.  But God has raised up men and women who know the truth according to Eternity.  They have lived among us and taught what they knew.  Those whom God inspired, listened to them and did likewise.

If we want to know why we continue to fail, it is because of the unseen shadow of lies we were taught as children.  Add to that, our natural proclivity toward rebelion, and destruction will run rampant in our streets.

To whatever degree we find ourselves willing to obey the Living God in Christ Jesus, we will become shining examples of what is true and faultless.  But to whatever extent we agree with man, that truth is relative, we will remain filthy examples of rebellion.  (Of which, by the way, are vastly more than those who teach the truth.)

A man’s response to these things, is determined by his desire to love the living God.  Will he allow himself to be used as an agent of truth; helping to sustain life?  Or will he continue in his fellowship with the agents of destruction?

The Lord Jesus is able to change a man’s perception.  Many things we were taught as children remain.  But they are subdued by His holy words that live within us. 

The choice belongs to every man to accept or reject this message.

I will add this final note.

The world will be destroyed. 

The moment will come when God will send His Holy Son take all of his people from this place.  Along with the absence of these people will be the absence of His Holy Spirit among men; that Great Spirit of influence that saves humanity from utter, and catastrophic failure.

Consider this, if you are willing.  When the Lord returns, this place will plummet to destruction.  Violence, chaos, illicit and immoral behavior, will become the norm, within a day. 

Within 24 hours blood will fill every street.  Hatred and violence will rise as the preeminent behavior of all men.  Add to that, the horrors God has promised to unveil in that time. 

We live as a people under duress.   By compulsion we are forced to grapple with these things.  We want to live.  But by ourselves there is no eternal life in us.  We are only wicked animals waiting to devour one another.

You, like I am, are forced to make a choice.  Receive the Lord Jesus, and obey Him, or die a most hideous death for eternity.  The wicked nature of man has no place in heaven.  And without the restraint of God’s Holy Spirit we are nothing more than wicked animals.  Those who think otherwise are convinced of the lie they were taught as children.

The Lord Jesus will return without notice.  It could be today.  It could be a hundred years from now.  It will certainly be when you die and leave this place. 

We are under duress let’s make a choice.

By His Grace

The Illegitimate Son

What does the world think of Jesus?  If you ask them, you may receive a relatively appropriate and coherent answer.  But if you watch what they do and listen to what they say, you will receive an entirely different response.

To the world, the Lord Jesus is like the ugly, illegitimate child who fell into wealth.  He is such a horror to the family of men that they use his name as a cuss word.  But let a need arise, and they have no shame to go knock on his door.

The way he lived his life is so hideous, that neither he nor followers are welcome at joyous occasions.  And if the name of this illegitimate son is mentioned with affection, the speaker is considered less than sane.

But don’t assume the world has no compassion.  They will often display the book he wrote, as a mother may place a child’s finger painting on the refrigerator door.

He is much like the child of embarrassment.  They will celebrate his birth and death, but they will give no heed to his life.  He was born in the family of men.  But they would really rather just forget about him.

It is actually quite comfortable to men to think that this son is the Son of God.  Better he be loved by God than welcome in society.  “Let’s leave him in heaven, he has no place on earth.”

As for being an illegitimate child, no one can say how this happened.  For at the time of his conceiving, there was no union between God and man.  “It is better”,  they say,  “to simply avoid the entire subject.”

By His Grace

How convenient

You made fairy tales for the children to believe.  Fairy tales.  They are fairy tales, sir. Lies, if you will.

You convince them of the beauty of riches, elegance, princes and princesses, and happily ever afters.

Then when the crop of children grows old enough to harvest, that is to say when they can get money from their parents, you entice them to give you the money by offering them toys from the fairy tales.

How utterly convenient.  Who’s bright entrepreneurial idea was this? 

Is there some way to justify this?  Is there some preventive means to avoid accusation?  Have you retained a lawyer in heaven to litigate for you before the Most High God?

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  And, “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

You teach them about Santa Claus.  But you reject the living God in Christ Jesus.  You teach them about witches but you never mention the Holy Spirit.  You teach them about war but you do not teach them about the peace of God.

I bring this subject to the table.  But I am not able  or willing to condemn you.  You taught me well when I was a child.  And so I taught my children.

But God will defend that which is his.  Woe to those to make a profit on innocence.

By His Grace


“What makes you happy what do you want to do?”  I have no idea how many hundreds of times that’s been asked of me.

I’ve tried a few times to answer with what’s true.  But that’s not the expected reply.  I assume the questioner thinks I am either arrogant, evasive, a complete social misfit, or just playing stupid.

I. want.  one.   thing!

I want to stop being in trouble!

I say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Or I don’t speak up when I should.

I’m too overbearing, they say.  I’m too much of a pushover, leaving far too much on the table.

I leave my pen in my pocket when I do her laundry.  So I get in trouble when I try to do something right.

I am completely satisfied to eat a cold can of beans.  So why do people keep asking me what I want for dinner?

No, I don’t want to go out dancing.  Dancing requires a certain measure of joy.  I don’t have it!

On and on the list goes.  Apparently, a never-ending separation from humanity.  And other than the moments of lucid desire for friendship, I’m perfectly happy to remain this way.

What makes me happy?  Let me give the answer that is never understood.  I want to go home.

I want to have the peace of God on me 24 /7.  I want to understand his will so well that I do it without the slightest hesitation, and correctly.  Something I have yet to come close to attaining.

I want to overcome sin in every respect.  That would make me exceedingly happy.  I want to know just what to say to everyone I meet, so that all my speech is seasoned with salt.  That would make me happy.

Am I really such an anomaly?  Is there anyone else out there who feels the same?

I understand why they don’t understand.  I got it.  Let them live as they do.  They will receive no condemnation from me.  May the holy Lord Jesus happily embrace them on that great and horrible day.

All the while I will be, in some measure, unhappy.  I am not who I want to be.  I am not where I want to be.  And this world offers nothing to change my mind.

By His Grace